Loewe and the summer of silent luxury

Loewe and the summer of silent luxury

In the summer of silent luxury, where the fall of Y2K phenomenon, the rejection of logomania and the rise of classic, elegant lines and monochrome are beginning to appear, Loewe manages to unseat Prada and become the number one fashion brand best valued by consumers (and the only Spanish brand in the ranking), according to the study by Lyst «The Lyst Index: Fashion’s Hottest Brands and Products Q2 2023».

Of course, every socio-economic change has its impact on different areas such as the fashion industry. For several months now, we have been witnessing a number of changes in both buying habits and the type of product in demand. The imminent climate crisis, the slow life, names like Sofia Richie or the protagonist of summer 2022, Matilda Djerf, are the clear reflection of these changes that continue to happen inside and outside the fashion industry. The search for quality pieces (in their manufacturing techniques and materials) inherent to the passing of the years, for garments that you can keep for several seasons without fear that they may become outdated or old-fashioned, or the awareness of the environment, are determining aspects when making decisions about what and how to invest in fashion. Coincidentally, these aspects are also present in the leading Spanish house. Its historical commitment to craftsmanship, offering a completely exclusive product, luxurious in all its aspects, produced using the ancestral techniques of master craftsmen and from the best raw materials, combined with the elegance and avant-garde approach that characterises the brand, make it one of the most popular houses today.

And, if you add to this milestones such as the success of Paula’s Ibiza ’23 collection, the costume design for «Renaissance», Beyoncé’s tour, the Loewe Foundation ’23 Craftsmanship Award or the most viral tank top of the year with the brand’s logo, with campaigns starring the top celebrities of the moment (Karol G, Josh O’Connor, Taylor Russel or Jamie Dornan), the result of the equation becomes a SUCCESS in capital letters.

If you (like me) are team minimalism and classics, you are in luck. Now you can find it in any shop (regardless of your budget or how much you’re willing to invest in it) and in a thousand different ways, from the most conservative to the most original, deconstructed or renovated to current demands, with a touch of design that screams «fashion!» at every stitch.

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