A glimpse of the Erdem Resort 2024 collection

A glimpse of the Erdem Resort 2024 collection

For the Resort 2024 collection, Erdem presents a woman framed by the famous (and very exaggerated) silhouettes of the 50’s, bathed in a vibrant, fresh and spring-like colour palette.

At a first glance at the collection we can glimpse classic pieces for both day and night. Elegant, sophisticated and very feminine. But, if we take a closer look at each look presented, we find a lot of unique details that break with the line of the collection providing a modern, current and even fun result.

The floral print and the A-line cuts in dresses, skirts and coats are the protagonists of the proposal. Although we also get to see others like animal print (my favourite looks of the collection) in key pieces and accessories. Fuchsia, emerald green or blue in its different shades make up the predominant palette, offering as a result a feminine representation full of energy, dynamism and strength.

Something that catches my attention throughout the entire proposal and that finds its place in practically all the looks are the animal or insect-shaped clips, acting as an accessory or jewellery. Erdem also chooses to replace the stiletto heels with an alternative and much more trendy and comfortable version, the pointed toe kitten heels, satin and embellished with large bows.

Finally, I also think it is worth highlighting the mastery with which certain garments in the collection have been made from the union and mixture of different fabrics such as wool, tulle or chiffon, the jewel-like incrustations or the many pieces with an asymmetrical design and cut with volume.

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