Barbie the movie, Margot Robbie and Method Dressing

Barbie the movie, Margot Robbie and Method Dressing

With only a week to go before the big premiere of the year, Margot Robbie continues to give us a new dreamy outfit on every red carpet, full of references to the most iconic Mattel doll in history. And this is very closely related to the concept of «method dressing» that, lately, we find so much in use at every film premiere.

Method dressing refers to the immersion of a given actor or actress in his/her/their character and the subject matter of the project in which he/she/they are involved outside of it, at every public event or production-related event. On the one hand it acts as an «emotional hook» connecting on another level with its specific audience, but also as an excellent marketing technique to multiply the impact of the premiere and the whole aura that surrounds it in society. We have seen it done in other films such as «The Little Mermaid», with Halle Bailey dressed as a mermaid in a spectacular Valdrin Sahiti, Zendaya at the premiere of «Spiderman: No Way Home» in a custom Valentino Haute Couture dress that emulated spider webs or Zoë Kravitz at the premiere of «The Batman» in that black dress with cat silhouette details by Oscar de la Renta.

I find fascinating the presence and prominence that, over the years, fashion has managed to achieve, becoming one of the most important aspects of any event. That these two arts are able to converge, mix and even become one, makes me feel much more interested and connected with each process that actors, producers and team decide to share with the public.

In the case of Barbie, this is much more evident than with any other production. Barbie is fashion (and everything). The two concepts go hand in hand, they are practically inseparable. Fashion and design is something that has evolved at the same time as the doll itself, adapting to the trends of each decade and being a real-time representation of society. And we can find the perfect example of this in two of the many looks that Margot Robbie has worn at the different promotional events for the film.

Barbie «Day to Night» (1985)

Firstly, the representation of Barbie’s «Day to Night» outfit originally launched in 1985. This doll celebrated the emancipation and revolution of the women of those years and transformed the iconic office suit of skirt and blazer in fuchsia with white lapels and shoulder pads with accessories such as the Fedora, the work briefcase or the retro telephone of the time into an evening dress with a tulle skirt and sequined top with heels. A clear (and very chic) representation of the working girl of the 80s.

Barbie «Solo in the Spotlight» (1961)

Secondly, the adaptation of the Barbie «Solo in the Spotlight» launched in 1961 with that iconic tube dress that transits the elegant evening style of the 50s in black with sequins, strapless neckline finished in tulle with long gloves detail and pearl choker pendants.

Two looks that Margot Robbie has defended like no one else and that I’m sure will be remembered as some of the most iconic red carpet looks in (fashion and film) history.

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